Guiding People, Providers and Parents Through Systems (GP3S)

What is the Guiding People, Providers, and Parents Through Systems Coordinated Referral System?


The Guiding People, Providers, and Parents Through Systems (GP3S) is a database aimed at assisting agencies

and programs serving children birth to five and their families in making more intentional referrals.

While the GP3S system is in itself only a web-based database, it is part of a larger system development initiative. With the support of our community partners, members of the All Our Kids Early Childhood Network are working to develop and support a system around the database that brings agencies and programs together to ensure more effective and efficient referrals are being made. This includes agreements around use of the database system, up-to-date program information to support appropriate referrals between agencies, continuous feedback to ensure a high-quality system is in place, and meeting quarterly to better understand the needs of the database system and the opportunities for us to work together for effective services for children and families in our communities.

Who is the GP3S Coordinated Referral System for?

The GP3S database system is for agencies and programs serving Rock Island County children and families who would like to work together in a new way for efficient and effective coordinated referrals. 


GP3S Overview Documents

GP3S Partner Memoranum of Understanding