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To carry out their mission, AOK Networks must (1) strengthen their capacity as a Network, (2) enhance coordination of cross-sector service delivery, and (3) improve the system of services and supports so it works for families.

Collective Impact

Collective impact* describes the synergistic outcomes that can result when AOK Network members from across sectors (e.g., health, mental health, early learning, family support, etc.) commit to a common agenda of creating a more comprehensive and coordinated system of services and supports while addressing current, local child and families issues.

AOK Network strategic plans include initiatives that enhance the local system by improving service access, quality, equity, and/or capacity while enhancing families’ satisfaction. As the system is improved in these ways, the expectation is that child and family indicators of health and well-being will also improve.

* Collective impact can also refer to a specific approach to creating conditions for working together to address complex social problems. While our reference to collective impact here refers to the broader synergistic result of working together, the 5 conditions described in the Collective Impact Model for social change are integrated to varying degrees in the AOK approach to creating systems change.

  • Access to Quality Services: More families have reasonable and affordable access to an array of quality services and resources that promotes their children’s development and meets their families’ needs.


  • Coordination of Efforts: More families experience a coordinated cross-sector system of services and supports that is holistic, aligned, and easier to navigate.

  • Equitable and Just System: More families experience an equitable system that assures all families have a fair opportunity to receive what they need to be successful.


  • Parents as Partners in Making the System Work for Them: More parents are welcomed, respected, valued and engaged as leaders in their families and in their communities.

  • Babies are born healthy.

  • Young children are safe, healthy, and developing postiively.

  • Children enter Kindergarten ready.

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