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Community Resource Guides

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A resource of many AOK Networks across Illinois, the Family Yellow Pages provide families and providers with a quick and portable reference of multiple sectors of services in our Rock Island County community. Members of the AOK Network work together annually to update this resource and disseminate it across our community. The Family Yellow Pages are created and distributed to increase awareness of, and access to, services and supports for young children and their families. 


The first Rock Island County Family Yellow Page was printed in 2008. To date, tens of thousands of copies have been distributed to the community. Please click on the image to view the corresponding PDF document or check out the spreadsheet below with corresponding links!

The Quad Cities Food Resource Guide is an easy-to-print, comprehensive guide of food resources and their locations; including grocery stores, convenience stores, food pantries, and more. Members of the AOK Health and Wellness Workgroup will continue to update and distribute this guide within the community to support food security for children, families, and individuals. Click on either the Illinois or Iowa version image to view the corresponding PDF document, or view the online Resource Guide (via Google Maps) at


This guide, which took several years and many community partners to create, was completed in 2021. A professionally printed document, combining both the Illinois and Iowa side, is now available.

AOK Community Resource Guides are created to support families and printed using local AOK Network grant funds. Please contact the EveryChild @ to request copies or learn more!

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